Pay post-file fees after your case is filed!

Pay Post-File Fees After Filing

We are proud to say that our attorney fees are divided into two categories: pre-filing and post-filing. Only attorney fees for work performed pre-filing need to be paid before your case is filed. After your case is filed and you are safely under the protection of the bankruptcy code, attorney fees for work performed post-filing can be paid in monthly installments.

Free Help Cleaning Up Your Credit After Your Bankruptcy is Done

About two years ago, we finally realized that our clients were not filing bankruptcy in order to eliminate debt but to really get back in the financial mainstream. We decided at that time to really take a holistic approach to bankruptcy. We realized our clients don’t just want to stop the financial bleeding, they want to participate economically just like anyone else. To that end, we hired a company to help all our clients with lessons and materials to help them really achieve a meaningful fresh start. This service is offered at no additional charge.

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We help people with debt problems file bankruptcy throughout the state of Washington and have done so for well over a decade. Our firm maintains offices in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver. 

We are the only Seattle Bankruptcy Firm that offers its clients a real payment plan. While many Seattle area firms will offer you the chance to pay them in installments until your case is paid off and then file your case and call that it a “payment plan,” we offer a real one. Our Seattle and Tacoma area clients pay seventy percent of their fees and costs after their cases are filed and do so in monthly installments. We are also the only Seattle area firm that I know of that offers real tools and materials for rebuilding your credit score after your case is done. Finally I am proud to say that we are one of very few bankruptcy firms in the Seattle area with an ‘A+’ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Meet the Attorney

About Bankruptcy Attorney, Tom McAvity

I am consistently amazed by how long people hold out before they do file bankruptcy. Most of my clients endure abusive phone calls and make every payment they can toward debts that they have no hope of repaying for years on end before they finally decide to file bankruptcy. Many of them invest tens of hours trying to work out deals with their creditors only to be turned away again and again. In the midst of one of the worst economic downturns in American history, many of my clients still come in blaming themselves rather than the banks that changed the rules in the middle of the game. Still others come in after job loss, divorce or medical emergencies, blaming themselves, as if they could have somehow financially planned for disasters. I guess what I am trying to say is that the decision to file bankruptcy is not one that any of my clients have ever taken lightly or embraced with open arms. 

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